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Master Thesis

Syntax Directed Editor for RSLWindows C/C++ Source and Master Thesis in PDF fully available

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The Syntax-Directed Editor for RSL (the RAISE Specification Language)- RSLED for short - was created as part of my Master Thesis from the Danish Technical University in 1994. RSLED is a Windows application for creating and editing RSL specification language documents.

RAISE is an acronym for Rigorous Approach to Industrial Software Engineering. You can find more about


The RSLED application was originally written in 1993-1994 with the very first 32-bit Symantec C++ compiler and used Win32s - a subset of the Windows Win32 Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) - that made it possible to actually run the program on Windows 3.11 - a 16-bit operating system! 

The program actually works quite well on the Windows platform - even though its still a rough beta version. It do contain a lot of programming errors, but so be it. It was my very first attempt into Windows and C++ programming and it uses the Win32 SDK blankly without having any class libraries etc for the user interface.

I can only recommend to learn Windows programming by trying to do basic SDK programming. In that way you actually learns all the basic Windows concepts in a way you will never do when using today's more advanced class libraries. The good old Petzold book was my bible at that time.

I would probably implement it completely differently today; using more object-oriented design principles and design patterns (like the visitor pattern).

Screenshot from RSL with a sample RSL specification.

Download RSLED

If you just want to try it out you can download a zip file with the RSLED application Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP including a sample input RSL file and the RSL symbols font, which - if you want the proper RSL characters - must be installed into your Windows Font via the Control Panel.

Download RSLED rsled.zip (162 KB).

Note that my master thesis below includes a user manual chapter for RSLED.

Download Master Thesis

The master thesis itself is also available in Adobe PDF format. Note however that it unfortunately doesn't' contain the RSL specifications; I used RSL in the report to specify the RSLED. The reason is simply that I have lost them - luckily I have them on paper.

Download RSLED thesis.pdf (1.4 MB) the Master Thesis in Adobe PDF format (269 pages).

Download C/C++ Source

Okay, so you want the source. So be it. But beware it is fairly hideous - and do contains a lot of bugs. 

Download RSLED rsled_source.zip (263 KB).