I'm Michael Suodenjoki - a software engineer living in Kgs. Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. This is my personal site containing my blog, photos, articles and main interests.

Curriculum Vitae (Resumé)

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Michael Suodenjoki
software engineer, M.sc, M.IDA
Lyngby Hovedgade 86B, 3. th.
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Ph. +45 2171 7431
Email: michael@suodenjoki.dk
Web: www.suodenjoki.dk

Last updated: January 2024.


Seasoned professional Software Engineer with over 25 years of experience in developing and managing administrative information technology systems.

Personal Data
Name: Michael Jari Suodenjoki
Date of birth:  September 16, 1967
Place of birth: Frederiksborg Slotssogn, Fredensborgvej 61, Hillerød (Denmark)
Nationality: Danish
Children: None
Military service: None (excempted, da. frinummer)
Social engagements: Like to travel, read books (fiction just as well as non-fiction), see friends and family, going to the movies, see TV, to cook, to photograph, cycling, swimming, skiing, trekking and exercising other sports. Have since 2015 been playing Ingress.
Languages: Fully fluent in Danish and English. Minor fluent in Swedish. Minor comprehension of Norwegian, German and French.
Miscellaneous: Non-smoker.
In 2006 I was still photographer on the movie Rules of War (2006)
In my spare time I have in 4 year period (1995-1999) been member of - and for 2 years been chairman of - the local community of owner-occupied flats (in Danish: ejerlejlighedsforeningen).
Offshoring: Working with offshored developers involving e.g. task assignments, weekly skype meetings, formulating written tasks, coaching developers etc.
Product management: As product manager I've been responsible for developing and writing product roadmaps and manage product from requirement specifications through release together with customers, partners, marketing, sales, production, architecture design and development individuals.

Project management: As a project manager I've been managing two international projects in Sweden and Hungary with frequent onsite presence. In both projects I were in close contact with the customers project management and project group - including end-users. A crucial part of the management was to control requirements, set expectations, manage error reporting and change requests and to be a direct part of the actual software development design within the project.

Software development: I have been software developer on several projects and have been part of building a C++ component based software platform for compliance solutions. I'm a true believer in standards and would always try to find new ways that can enforce the use of these standards (e.g. design patterns or tools). Building or using utilities and tools that can help in making better software have always been one of my main interests.

Teaching: Throughout the years I have been teaching. First as an assistant teacher in several computer courses at Danish Technical University. In my current position I have developed several courses for international customers.

Technical Writing: As product manager and developer I've been responsible for writing technical and user guide documentation of high quality.


After finishing my Master Degree in 1994 I started in a small department (15-25 persons) within CRI that developed compliance solutions for the international market and branded under the name ESKORT.

I have been working with the same people - even though different companies during the years formally have overtaken the management.

By 2011 I became involved in training and working with offshored software developers, stressing the need for precise written communication and regular online meetings.

By 2006 I became product manager with responsibility for two key international products - one of them being a traditional COTS product.

In 1995 and 1999 I worked as project manager in international projects with close customer contact.

By 1994 I was involved in the development of the first C++ based Windows version of a customer solution.

I'm a high believer in that to be successful part of the IT industry you need to be up front with the technical details. Only in that way you're able to - as a manager - to discuss the different problems (satisfactorily) that may arise within a project.

Throughout the years I have always been involved in actual design and programming on the sideline to my managing roles - for me it is not a matter of one-of but both-of. When I'm doing software development I'm usually involved in the basic C++ modules of solutions. I'm using design patterns, component based design, web design, tools and techniques for build, production and release management.

Two of my interests lies in User Interface Design and Compiler Design, though in recent years its getting harder to find the time to catch up on these subjects.

Higher education:
Master of Science (in Computer Science) at Danish Technical University (DTU). Master Thesis: "Syntax-Directed Editor for RSL" from Department of Information Technology.
Basic education:
Danish High School at Allerød Gymnasium.
Danish Public School (3'rd to 10'th grade) at Ålholmskolen (Hillerød).
Danish Public School (1'st to 2'nd grade) at Kulsvierskolen (Hillerød).
Work Positions
Senior Engineer / Manager
Lead Developer
for ESKORT Audit Support &
Product Manager
for ESKORT Audit Support &
Computer Audit (SESAM)
Project Manager
WM-data Danmark A/S - ESKORT Hungary
Computer Resources International A/S (CRI) - ESKORT Sweden
Software Engineer
WM-data Danmark A/S
Computer Resources International A/S (CRI)
Company intranet
Assistant Teacher
in Elementary Computer Science
Assistant Teacher
in Functional Programming
Summer Intern
in Pascal Programming

Web Sites Designed
2020 www.enl.dk - Wordpress based blog, events and reference site.
2013 www.ringen2013.dk - Worked pro-bono as WordPress administrator and blogwriter for a 3 month period on opera event.
2012 www.sophiapost.dk - Designed, coded and photographed for one-paged website for an individual company.
2011 www.intrasoft-intl.dk - Refactored (cleaned & recoded) official company website. Also designed and acting as webmaster for company intranet web site for Intrasoft International Scandinavia A/S (formerly Intracom IT Services Denmark A/S).
  www.ejerlejlighedsforeningen.dk - The website for the local community of owner-occupied flats (this is no longer available online).
1998- www.suodenjoki.dk - My personal home page. You're looking at it ;-)
IT Knowledge
Operating Systems: Apple iOS & Mac OS X (User level)
Microsoft Windows (Developer level, not drivers)
Unix/Linux and X-Windows (User level)

Technologies: Programming Languages (C++, C, C#, Python, Java, Visual Basic and Pascal),
Markup Languages (HTML, XHTML, XML, XSL, XSLT)
Scripting Languages (JavaScript, VBScript),
Compiler Technology (Boost::Spirit, Flex/Bison, Lex/Yacc)
Internet Authoring and Scripting (ASP, PHP),
Installation/Setup (WiX, Windows Installer)
Component Technology (Assemblies, COM, OLE and ActiveX),
Databases (SQL, DuckDb, SQLite, FoxPro, Access),
Help Systems (Asciidoc/Asciidoctor, HTML Help, WinHelp),
Design (Object Oriented Design, Yourdon/Coad and some UML)
Build and Release Management (NMAKE, NANT, BAT, Hudson/Jenkins) 

Programming Libraries: Standard C++
Windows API/SDK (Win32)
MFC (UI Library), ATL
 .NET Framework
BCG Control Bar Pro (UI Library)
CodeJock (UI Library)
zApp (UI library)
Google V8 Javascript Engine,
Development Tools: Integrated Development Environments (Microsoft Visual Studio - mainly focused on Visual C++, NetBeans),
Debugging Tools (Dependency Checker, BoundsChecker)
Profiling Tools (GlowCode, Visual Studio)
Installation/Setup Tools (WiX, InstallShield, Windows Installer, Orca)
Version Control Systems (Git, CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, PVCS)

Office Productivity: Microsoft Office (High user level and programming level),
Web Authoring (Hand coding, Microsoft Expression Web)
Imaging and Photography Manipulation (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)
Single Source Documentation for Online and Print (WebWorks Publisher)

Project Management: Technical Project Management (in two international projects)
Project Management Course (see course details below).
Issue and Change Management (JIRA)

Interests: Programming,
Project Management,
Product Management
Graphical User Interface Design,
Internet Authoring,
Help Systems Authoring,
Automatic Documentation,
Developer Environments (tools for),
Automatic Testing (of applications)

Attended Courses
September 2002 Microsoft Approved Course: 2555 - Developing .NET Windows Applications with C#. Q/A, London, Instructor: John Davies.
December 1997 Project Management. IBM Denmark (Course MD19)
February 1997 Advanced Windows Programming With Microsoft Foundation Classes. Learning Tree International, London. Instructor: Jan Chmielewski.