I'm Michael Suodenjoki - a software engineer living in Kgs. Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. This is my personal site containing my blog, photos, articles and main interests.

News Archive 2003

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Merry Christmas / Glædelig Jul / Hyvää Joulua

I would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Merry Christmas 2003 / Glædelig Jul / Hyvää Joulua

New Layout

As somebody may have noticed I've not really updated the site for a while. The reason is that I've been working on changing the layout and the technical backbone of the site. Layout wise I've been inspired by the many blog sites around.

I must admit that I far from finished with the conversion of the old site to the new one. It's amazing how many pages that I've written during the last couple of years. Those pages that I've not yet converted is marked with strikethrough text. Anyway I would of course still like to hear your comments to the new layout, so please contact me if you have some comments. Enjoy...

Grand Canyon after sunrise.

New Article

Word2PDF: I've written a small article describing how you via a command line VBscript converts a Word file to PDF.


May 2003

2003.05.01 - Congratulations

Congratulations I may say. My homepage has here in the beginning of May been visited by more than 10.000 unique visitors. That so many have found their way in is surprisingly joyful. A huge contribution is many of you foreign visitors that primarily are interested in my article section. It's always nice to be appreciated. So thank you for the visit.

2003.05.01 - Insomina movie review

It's been a while since I made a review. Basically it is because I haven't had something really good or bad to review. Everything seems to be somewhat in between. I anyway bring this subject up because of two things. Firstly because the Danish TV channels lately have shown a lot of the good movies from the year 1999 and 2000 - movies that I reviewed (in Danish though) at that time and enjoyed watching. Secondly because I've just seen a good DVD rental movie - namely the movie Insomnia with Al Pacino as the lead character and directed by Christopher Nolan - you may know him from the excellent Memento (also from year 2000).

The movie is excellent and have a nice plot. Al Pacino plays a LA police detective that arrives to a small Alaskan town with his partner to help with the investigation of a murder on a young woman. It doesn't take long time for Al Pacino to flush the murder out in the open. But from that point on everything goes wrong.  Not revealing too much I can say that Al Pacino doesn't have too clean shirt sleeves and while he can't sleep in the Alaskan bright night and must deal face-to-face with the wise murder - excellent played by Robin Williams - the case brings trouble into his life. Can his conscious keep it up? See it for yourself.

I suspect that this film would have been even more catching on the large theater canvas due to the excellent filming and Alaskan's nature sceneries. I wish I was there, with my digital camera. 

April 2003

Visit Denmark
» Denmark's official logo from Danish Tourist Board.

Logo - is an acronym for the word logotype. A logo is usually a special depicted name or trademark used by e.g. companies or organizations for identification and communication of different values. Behind a well designed logo are often a lot of hark work, considerations and a multitude of design decisions.

It should be no secret that I do indeed have a little interest in design. That being web site design, software design, icon design, photography design or for that matter architecture design. Scandinavia is well known by its cool design so my interest is naturally. Funny enough my country Denmark also have received a logo - the heart formed Danish Dannebrog flag, which purpose it is to signal coziness (in Danish: hygge), design and oasis. The logo is designed by the Danish design bureau Propaganda.

Remember: design doesn't work on its own. Content must also be present. Content works by itself, but design alone do not.

February 2003

2003.02.15 - Article about creating Windows XP icons

I've written an article about how you can use Adobe Illustrator to create the basic layout of your Windows XP icons. The article illustrates this with a simple tutorial for creating a folder icon.

January 2003

It's winter here in Denmark. Public transportation seems to be surprised every year when the weather goes white. The dark hours have the power and the light of the spring seems far away. Behind the warm windows you may try to plan the coming year. Anything in the horizon you may think? Well, at least I know about one thing that seems fairly interesting this year. The amount of exciting pc-games looks very promising. So I've compiled my own little release list. Already this February the games comes in for a hit, so stay tuned.

Another thing that the year may bring is some products that will boost the use of XML. I've previously mentioned the browser based XML editing tools currently available. However when Microsoft Office 11 hits the shelves sometimes in June this year I expect that our office documents may change radically in favor of real XML documents. It will be exciting too see how much impact this will bring. I believe that it will be huge.