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Infographics #1

As some may have noted I for some time have had an Information Graphics link section to my favorites (to the right). This is an area that I believe is growing these years, simply due to the fact that more and more information becomes available, and that we need new ways to present and interact with information. So I will try to follow the trends and see whether I can use some of that it my own work.

Here's another link:

Update August 14th, 2007: Via Tyner Blains blog entry I was redirected to the www.visual-literacy.org which have provided a periodic table of visualization methods. It contains a huge set of different ways of visualizing data. They are categorized into different categories (see also).

The Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Another map from visual-literacy.org is a map of the people (scholars) who work in the different area's of visualization. You'll notice names such as Edward Tufte and Jacob Nielsen. Clicking on the map and the names will take you to their respective websites.

Map of visualization scholars.