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The Universal Desktop #2

The battle is raging. What battle? The battle of the desktop. And programmers choosing the wrong side are left as casualties - with their hard work bleeding in long forgotten war fields.

What am I talking about? Well see my The Universal Desktop #1 installment.

I just found a new couple of war propaganda letters from the trenches:

What Joel is talking about is of course a step in the direction of the SDK to develop for The Universal Desktop. Uhm, I like it.

Ronnie lists what we really need for the web applications for the future. I've taken the liberty to edit his list - my deletes in strikethrough and comments in italic:

What we really need for the web applications of the future:

Before you get too excited about The Universal Desktop - as in no more World Wars anymore - you should observe that this is utterly naive thinking. As long as there are people living they will strive for making things better. So if The Universal Desktop were developed - as de facto standard or through standardization through United Nations  (ISO or whatever) - there will be some intelligent person (company) who believes that s/he can do better. And s/he will be right.

On the other hand it is not a bad goal to strive for perfection. That is what we do every single day.

What we need is an SDK/API to the cross platform - The Universal Desktop - that can be used from all programming languages. Which leads to my Carthago delenda est:  Please don't take the programming language as hostage in the battle of the desktop.

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