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Updated 2011.01.23 15:37 +0100


Photo Caption - Direct from EXIF Image Data

I finally got the time to look at the JavaScript-based (AJAX/XHR) method (discovered back in may 2008) for extracting EXIF data from images and programmatically (automatically) use this in the image caption.

What I've been looking for is a way to minimize the work to prepare decent captions to the many photos that I've sharing on my website. As I wrote in my article Auto Captions in Photos I hate typing the same thing more than once. This principles naturally extends to the actual camera data settings available direct from the digital camera. Why should I type these again when they are already embedded in the digital file? Furthermore presenting information such as camera model, focal length, exposure time, f-number, ISO setting, etc. helps fellow photographers to recognize the technique and equipment used.

To illustrate I've prepared a recent photo in Photoshop and saved it so that EXIF data is preserved. I've then integrated Jacob Seidelins two JavaScript files exif.js and binaryajax.js into my own imgcaption.js so that the EXIF data is added automatically at the lower right of the photo.

Sunset at Liseleje (Denmnark)

You should observe that when the photo is loaded, it is actually reloaded using XHR and the EXIF data is extracted. The preferred EXIF data is then used in the lower-right caption of the photo. So the caption is added with a slight delay.

If you click on the photo you'll be presented with a dialog with all the extracted EXIF information in the photo. This is using Jacob's EXIF.pretty() function.

Illustrates the message dialog with all the extracted EXIF information.

So the verdict:

Whether I will integrate this functionality for all my photos on this website is something I definitely will consider.