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Avoriaz Skiing

Updated 2011.01.27 21:13 +0100

Ikke tilgængelig på Dansk 

This gallery presents photos from my skiing holiday in Avoriaz 2002. I've also written a short article about the trip that may be of interest. It contain some few more photos.


» Skiing can be dangerous. Accidents occurs daily. Luckily the Avoriaz area is equiped with efficient helicopters that can return people safely to a nearby hospital.


» The Avoriaz town is free of cars. Only transportation are the old horse sledges or the caterpillar taxi's.

Michael and Mads

» Enjoying the sun while drinking a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or vin chaud (hot redwine) is an excellent idea when your legs are tired.


» Mio is having lunch in the sun. Can be an expensive adventure. However having some hot food is really nice.


» Sometimes you're using a lot of time in a skilift. Then it's nice to enjoy the nature. Here a snowy stream.

Sledge competition

» Downtown in Avoriaz city the french residents are arranging a sledge competition for children. This particular area are packed with different event for children.

Søren having lunch

» Well, what is there to say. People are not always looking nice when eating ;-)

Cold skilift

» Søren and Mads sitting in a cold lift. A week skiing is an expensive way of getting a face manicure!


» With a sunset like this from the apartment balcony it's hard to be pessimistic on life. Stunning sight.

Trivial Pursuit

» Photo of Mio and Søren while we're playing Trivial Pursuit after skiing at the Le Choucas and enjoying some beers.